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5 Cheap Begginer Items for Photography

1. Memory Card

    A memory card is one of the most important, and cheap items you should buy. As a photographer you will catch yourself taken loads of pictures. The free memory card that usually comes with your camera purchase is worthless. Buy at least a 16Gb-32gb with your first purchase you’ll thank me for it later. 

2. Tripod

     Tripods vary so be carful with this first purchase. Although this post says, “cheap Begginer Items” don’t skimp too much on your tripod. You’ll need a tripod that hold enough weight for your camera and any other items you attach to it. I honestly have paid as low as $10 for a tripod when I first started, and it was a very bad decision. 

     I would say start with one for $50 at minimum and you should be fine, but remember to account for weight. As you progress your equipment will to and you’ll be able to pay $200 or more for a carbon fiber or manfrotto.

3. Speed light 

     Let’s not forget lighting for the photo, because the simple on board flash just won’t cut it. I would suggest Neewer for a basic light at a decent price. I started out with Neewers TT560 lights, which I still use. These were cheap and inexpensive lights that will give you way better lighting an your on board flash, and won’t break the bank. 

4. Extra Battery

     You can never have too many batteries in your bag, but to starting off with two batteries is better than having one. Spares come in handy for long shoots or photography slips, such as forgetting to charge your battery in you camera. 

5. Camera Bag

     Now we can’t forget this item, because as we buy extra items we’ll need a place to store them. Now all bags aren’t created equal. Some are different in design, price and etc, so pick one that fits your needs and won’t break the bank. My first camera bag was purchased from Amazon for about $50 and I still have it now, and it’s been years. 


     Remember that this is just a small list compiled of things I bought when I first started shooting. Your list and needs may be different from mines, but these items are easily found online and won’t kill your pockets as you begin your journey into photography.